iSimplex is a unique device with a user friendly program which enable caregiver to perform both continuous and variable pressure therapy. This device also gives access to NPWTi (cleansing of wounds with cleansing fluid automatically according to caregivers preferences).

NPWTi has been found to be most appropriate for properly selected complex hosts or wounds such as patients with multiple comorbidities, patients with an American Society of Anesthesiology Classification ≥ 2, severe traumatic wounds, diabetic foot infections, and wounds complicated by invasive infection or extensive biofilm. NPWTi should not be used routinely to treat simple wounds or hosts without comorbidities.There is evidence that when NPWTi is added to standard of care in properly selected cases it provides better overall clinical outcomes than standard of care alone, even when including NPWT. Based on published evidence recommends a dwell time – fluid briefly instilled into the wound and allowed to diffuse for a user-specified time of 10-20 minutes followed by 2-4 hours of negative pressure at -125 mmHg, although larger wounds may need times of up to 6 hours. Normal saline (0.9%) is the preferred solution for NPWTi, except in special situations, where using Prolavacid is recommended.