What is vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a treatment method for promoting wound healing. Paya Co. has designed numerous complete systems for this treatment method which are proper for different patients group. It has been revealed that this system remove extracellular harmful exudate from the wound bed that improve blood circultion and enhances wound healing.


How does vacuum therapy of wound works?

Vacuum therapy applys negative pressure at wound site. It separate harmful exudate and reduce oedema which in its turn improve blood circulation at wound site. Therefore faster wound healing and lower infection rate could be expected.

How long should vacuum therapy be used for a single wound?

The healing time depends on the type, size, localisation,  of the wound, and the general condition of the patient. Your phisician decides if your wound is proper to heal completly by vacuum therapy or the healing would be finalized by skin graft.

Vacuum therapy wound

Is vacuum therapy painful?

Some patients who had had treatment by vacuum therpy decribed a traction sensation at the wound surface when the device started to apply negative pressure. However, this feeling disappered after 10-15 minutes. This intencity of this feeling will be varied for patient to patient.

دستگاه وکیوم تراپی زخم   Vacuum therapy wound

 Vaccare device Simplex II
Vacuum therapy wound

How often the dressing should be changed?

We recommened dressing change every 48 hours. However, in case of infection the dressing should be changed every 12-24 hours. Your phisician can help you to change the dressing as frquent it is needed by the type of the wound.

دستگاه وکیوم تراپی زخم   Vacuum therapy wound

Vacuum therapy wound

How many hours the device should be on?

  پانسمان دستگاه وکیوم تراپی

The device should be on 24vhours per day. Otherwise, there will be danger for your wound healing and higher risk for side effects. Please contact your phisician if the device has been off for longer time than 2 hours.

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