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Vacuum therapy for wound healing or Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) initiated for about 25 years ego. Its application has been significantly expanded during recent years. NPWT has been subjected to an extensive evaluation by researchers and until now there are more than 4000 papers are published in English literature. Because of the positive results after these studies, NPWT is used to heal wounds like burns injury, bed sore, diabetic foot ulcer, arterial and venous ulcers, and wounds after radiation therapy. There are numerous studies that have shown lower cost in long term for NPWT compare to other conventional modern wound therapy. Dr. Abbas Karladani has a valuable experience of using this method in Sweden since 20 years. He has used this method for treatment of wounds in diabetic foot ulcer and orthopedic wounds. He in cooperation with Iranian engineers designed and developed NPWT systems. This team has since 8 years develop numerous different systems for different application and now they produce the world’s most complete NPWT systems. One of these systems is Abdovac dressing system that is used for treatment of open abdominal wound which is a life-saving-method and now it is used in several university hospitals. This team is also proud to have had instructional courses and educated more than 400 wound specialist in the field of NPWT in Iran.

Our Speciality

Instructional courses for NPWT for phisicians and nurses
Design and production of new NPWT devices
Having capacity for exporting of NPWT systems and personal education
Using High-end-techniques in designing and production of NPWT system